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The interviews were conducted mostly in the 1950s by K. Eissler, founding secretary of the Sigmund Freud Archives.

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This painting which Freud took back with him to Vienna following studies with Jean Martin Charcot, shows Charcot (to the right of the patient), pioneer of neurology at the hospital ‘la Salpetriere’ in Paris.

The contents of more than 2,000 folders is available digitally, most of it in German.

Below is just a sampling of what researchers will discover. Freud’s eventual departure from Nazi-controlled Austria and arrival in London in June 1938 are also noted in the chronicle.

By Margaret Mc Aleer Sigmund Freud went digital with the recent release of the Library of Congress’s Sigmund Freud Collection online.

Freud’s explorations into the unconscious and founding of psychoanalysis profoundly influenced modern cultural and intellectual history, securing his place in the history of human thought, as Princess Marie Bonaparte once wrote of her analyst and mentor.


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