Fourth Grade Essay Test

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Each student response is unique, and each rubric score point is broad.

Annotated student anchor papers serve as examples of how the rubrics are applied to individual papers and represent a range of performance levels.

Share these prompts with students who are beginning to write essays. Write an essay that names your favorite season and gives reasons why it is best. Tell why the person would make an excellent president, provide the person’s qualifications, and urge readers to vote for the candidate. Now write an editorial to your school newspaper that identifies the new class and provides strong reasons for including it in your school’s curriculum.

If you could have any pet, what pet would you choose? Archeologists have uncovered ancient flutes carved from bird bones and mammoth ivory, showing that music has been with us for a very long time. The Supreme Court ruled that random drug testing is constitutional for high school students involved in athletics and other extracurricular activities.

Support your claim using examples from your life and the lives of other students.

Write an essay arguing for how a person should plan (or not plan) life.

Write an essay that argues for or against random drug testing of all students.

Some 9 billion animals are killed and used for food each year in the United States.

The animal waste produced by factory farms causes water and air pollution. In an attempt to curb the use of factory farms while satisfying the population’s demand for meat, food scientists have begun producing Standardized tests are used as a measuring stick for student performance.

Your test scores decide, in part, whether you are admitted to certain colleges.


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