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This will help you make sure the version you send your advisor to review is as polished as possible, so you'll get better feedback from him.If you know some professors who expert in your topic, you can send them a copy, but follow the advice for getting feedback from someone very busy: Make sure what you send them is very polished, and identify where you want their help the most.

Suddenly you realize you’ve explained something differently or too many times in different chapters, or you find some blatant contradiction that you’d never seen between chapters 2 and 5.

Then, you’ll need to wait for feedback from your advisors, which will mostly likely be infinitely useful but may not be as quick as you’d hope.

A thesis is technical story which you are telling the world through your expertise on fraction of knowledge in Computer Science. Quite a few of my acquaintances have gone through this experience.

I was darn lucky in my second graduate program with my professor playing a godfather.

Who knew it could take 3 days to get footnotes spic and span?? Once that’s set, you still have to actually wait for the viva (this can be up to 4 months).

Then you will probably have some kind of corrections to do (typos still count as corrections and none of us are perfect! Unfortunately, the new thesis topic is not my adviser's area of expertise. The professor allowed such a change and I believe my new work is much better and more interesting. My original thesis topic was not getting me anywhere and I came to my adviser asking him to allow me to switch to a new topic that I have already started working on.If he's pointing out typos and areas where the writing has issues, he's not going to have as much time to evaluate the content, which is where his feedback is most valuable.), not to mention the fact that the College Senate needs to officially meet to approve the recommendations from your examining board.‘Tis a formality, but we know how academe likes its formalities.If you don't know any professors who are expert in your topic, then after your advisor gives you his feedback, ask him: "Do you think we should also send this to an expert in the topic for review? finishing up, advice about the end tends to go in one ear and out the other.And, of course, binding and printing takes 24 hours.Lastly, it takes the College office 3-5 days to get your award letter issued.


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