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If it’s somebody you know, tell where he or she lives, describe habits and tastes.Don’t focus strictly on physical features; you have to express the deepest meaning of the subject. After that, draw up an outline and create a structure of your essay.Try to use metaphors and other literary techniques. You have to look over your essay and ask yourself necessary questions about it. Make sure that you describe all details, but don’t start with the specific features before general things.

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Before you complete the essay, we suggest you to read it to your family or friends.

We know that it may be a little bit scary, but anyway, people will read it, so it’s better to hear a feedback from somebody close to you.

When they watch their parents arguing and losing control, they feel less safe.

They might try to resolve conflicts by fighting and arguing, just like their parents do.

When you got a topic, think what features of this subject you consider the most important.

Think about all details that can help your readers feel what you feel about it.You have to create an emotional connection with readers, and if you do it right, your essay will get highest grades.Of course, such a creative task requires a lot of time and effort, there are many specific features that may raise your questions.One of the most apparent qualities of a well-written essay is that its material is relevant and specific to the topic.When you are starting an essay, first you have to make sure that you have selected the right topic because when you choose a topic, you must think at-least twice or thrice because the topic is what becomes the backbone and cornerstone of your essay, it is the main element which gives the structure to your essay.First of all, this essay type is not too focused on a certain structure.You still need to build a classic structure of introduction, body, and conclusions, but don’t forget that your main goal is to make your essay vivid and interesting.Everyone does grammar mistakes, so you have to check your paper a few times to make sure that you haven’t missed a thing.If you need help with proofreading, you can use online grammar checkers, but don’t forget that such programs are unable to analyze your text as a whole, so we suggest you to order professional proofreading on our website, it will help you a lot.Being a positive role model for appropriate behavior is more effective than specific disciplinary measures or training in raising your children, according to a 2010 article at Psychology Children learn through observation and often mimic the behavior of their parents.


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