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Different persons adopt different works to pass free time. I have a stamp-album in which I have pasted all the foreign stamps I have been able to collect. I have many stamps from different countries like Russia, Japan, Turkey, and the U. If a person has no hobby, his spare time will turn him into a useless, irritated and restless person. It is, therefore, essential to remain busy even in leisure hours. Every ones should have a hobby, in which he will use his spare time in a creative manner. I have also rare stamps which are issued in Afghanistan when it became a republic and also the stamp of Diana when her first birthday after her death. How much I like to enjoy the picture of natural scenery, crowns, arms, shields, brave knights and lovely ladies printed on these stamps!

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I get charmed at the beauty of the flowers of my garden especially when they are tossed by gentle breeze.

I also get pleasure when the sweet scent of flowers come into my room. I think everyone should have a hobby for a cheerful life.

It’s hard to imagine how big my shock was when one year later my father got a brain cancer and passed away and a year later our self-built family company.

The shock was big and lasted long but I knew one thing – I had no plan and I needed one.

By the time I turned 18, I was fully at peace with this idea. The World Bank is helping countries to strengthen ...

projects, especially projects that help the poorest nations with their peoples' basic needs, such as education, clean water and sanitation, ...Surprisingly I had no problem to choose the number one “freedom”.I found that amazing to discover, that freedom was more important to me than things like “family”, which was the number two, “love”, not to mention – “career” or “development”. Playing on musical instruments, reading and singing are some of the popular hobbies. Persons of different temperament and nature have different hobbies. Such constructive use of leisure time makes a person contented and happy.Writing this essay helped me to realize that I haven’t chosen this hobby by a coincidence.Both of the characteristics of this sport changed the world history.Whatever be one's hobby, it offers one pleasure and relief from monotony. The most important thing is that it relieves me from my routine work. I have planted many kinds of seasonal flower plants in it. I weed out grass and unnecessary plants and make the soil loose with spade. I get great pleasure everyday when I see the blooming flowers in my garden. Every day I work in my garden at least for two hours. They become very glad to see my garden and appreciate my taste very much.I am also very glad to choose this hobby as it helps me to improve my body and mind.Even today I know that only through “freedom” can I achieve all the other values that are important to me. It’s the freedom of my own choices and the freedom of always standing for what I believe in. It is very hard for family business to have good leadership because it involves leading, involving, and also motivating the people in the family business ... Moreover, it is also about honesty and respect to other people, which are my personal code of conduct. 12 - 10 ( 8107C ) Group| Name| Amount| Big Scale| Corn| 1058| | SBM Hipro| 478| Liquid ... decision-makers in family business are family members, private enterprise will prefer to hire non-relative people who are able ... the same time, and they are required to work as a team (Coursework Info, 2003).


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