Failure To Follow Orders Essay

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NCOs are responsible to fulfill not only their individual duties, but also to ensuretheir teams and units are successful.

Any duty, because of the position you hold in the unit, includes a responsibility to execute that duty.

Obviously, you need to make time to do this before you’re faced with a tough call.

This could possibly be the most difficult decision you’ll ever make, but that’s what leaders do.

For example, while not specifically directed to do so, you hold in-ranks inspections daily to ensure your soldiers’ appearance and equipment are up to standards.

Responsibility is being accountable for what you do or fail to do.No one in the Army has more to do with training soldiers than NCOs.Well trained soldiers will likely succeed and survive on the battlefield.This will give them confidence in their ability to perform well under the difficult and demanding conditions of battle.Individual training is the principle duty and responsibility of NCOs.Noncommissioned officers have three types of duties: specified duties, directed duties and implied duties.Specified duties are those related to jobs and positions.Corporals and sergeants do this by developing a genuine concern for their soldiers’ well-being.Leaders must know and understand their soldiers well enough to train them as individuals and teams to operate proficiently.This takes moral courage, but the question will be straightforward: Did you really mean for me to… You take a risk when you disobey what you perceive to be an illegal order.Talk to your superiors, particularly those who have done what you aspire to do or what you think you’ll be called on to do; providing counsel of this sort is an important part of leadership.


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