Examples Of Critical Thinking In Nursing Practice

Examples Of Critical Thinking In Nursing Practice-3
Imagine that a nurse is working on an outpatient basis with a patient who has a history of opioid abuse, though the patient has been sober for several months.

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During the evaluation process the nurse will determine whether or not this problem needs further investigation or action.

In this case, the nurse researches rehabilitation options and other medications that she might use to treat this patient's pain without augmenting a dangerous addiction.

Imagine if you never gave any situation any consideration or critical thought, such as if your car broke down, or your child started crying, or your coworkers misplaced something important.

You wouldn't be very self-sufficient, self-improving, helpful, or successful!

By using critical thinking people and businesses are able to maintain a productive work environment.

Even individual adults and children can benefit from critical thinking in their daily lives.

When you think of who takes care of you in a hospital, you might first think of doctors.

But nurses have just as much a role in keeping people healthy and safe, and often have more contact with patients overall. The answer is simple - critical thinking helps nurses do their job - and do it well.

This lesson will explain how critical thinking is useful in the nursing profession.

We'll discuss five actions to aid them in critical thinking: recognition, questioning, gathering information, evaluation, and communication.


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