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Beauty Though beauty is a relative concept but that doesn””t defy the fact that a good website design follows some aesthetic principles. It is also clean, and create unforgettable impressions on the heart of a visitor. • Does my website’s style align with my brand in terms of colors, feel, graphics, etc? The better the content is, the higher chances you have to get your message across through your website.If you want to evaluate the effectiveness of your website””s beauty, then ask these questions:• Will the style suit my target audience? • Where are photos or decorative touches getting in the way of my message? Readability is a really important tool because it identifies you with your readers.

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found helping students to evaluate websites to be particularly tricky.

There are lots of guidelines out there but I wanted to create a resource that reflects an effective and natural , no matter what you’re researching or how old you are.

So before devising a plan or strategy, make sure you know the answers of these questions:• the category of your business, • your target audience, the purpose of your website, • and your expectations from the audience. Usability In order to create a good website design, you need to make it user-friendly.

After that, evaluate whether your website design has accomplished what you wanted it to. You need to design your website in a way that it provides answers to user””s questions before they even put up. (Test for broken links at W3C Link Checker.) • Does the site work in different browsers?

A ‘bounce’ is when a person visits a website and quickly leaves: Why does this all matter?

Students should know that it’s natural to bounce off sites.So more than half the time, people will leave a site almost immediately.Bouncing away from sites is a natural part of researching.This is a comprehensive guide to teaching students of all ages how to research.Let’s zoom in on a particular part of the research process — evaluating websites.We have compiled four major measuring tools for you.Have a look at them: Strategy A good website design is an outcome of a strong strategy.This is called information literacy which is defined by Common Sense Education as, These sorts of everyday scenarios would be great to explain to students.Help them realise that research happens everywhere — not just in the classroom.There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind. (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) • Does my site work on mobile devices?For example, good navigation and speed to engage a user. But if you still have a doubt, ask these questions from yourself:• How long does it take my pages to load, and will visitors get bored waiting? • If I’m asking for personal details or use a commerce option, is customer information secure? • On the basis of the answers of aforementioned questions, evaluate your website.


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