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People like the political critic Noam Chomsky cannot get on commercial television and he bemoans the centralisation of electronic and print media into fewer and fewer hands.He notes San Francisco's , "so this is going to become a one-newspaper town and that's what's happening all across the country; the television stations are consolidating into conglomerates.

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Born in 1919 in New York, Ferlinghetti gained a degree from North Carolina, then an MA from Columbia University.

He saw active service in Europe during the Second World War and was in the American army of occupation in Nagasaki only weeks after the atomic bomb was dropped.

" he recoils at the suggestion it has become more American since he visited briefly in 1973."I'm afraid to hear that.

The American corporate monoculture is making every place the same. The Roman Empire is nothing compared to the American empire today."As a registered Green voter who supported consumer activist Ralph Nader, he is dismissive of contemporary American politics."Our Government is one with two right wings and there won't be any improvement until there's a Great Depression like 1929 because everyone is too well fed.

Kiernan wrote, "the most sweet-tempered of his books.

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The political and societal passions that tend to dominate his other volumes strike a harsher, less engaging note."Colley provides the "In woods where many rivers run" section with an appropriately pastoral piano setting, and the innocent, pre-psychedelic vision of "the penny candy store beyond the El" sits above a wailing, slow-bop jazz saxophone.

And as with other Beats, it is often better heard than read.

Being of the Beat Generation -- whose members often effected the marriage of poetry and music -- Ferlinghetti has no objection to the principle of poetry with musical accompaniment.

His most famous poem, -- "the dog trots freely in the street and sees reality ...

drunks in doorways and moons on trees" -- rides over a lovely loping rhythm. It's been out a few months but he's still mad as hell.


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