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- What should one do with their legacy, and how should it be put to use. The two main characters that are having a conflict over the piano are Berniece and Boy Willie.In the play “The Piano Lesson”, the Charles' family faces this question, and struggles to find the answer. Boy Willie wants to sell the piano so he can add the proceeds of the sale to the proceeds of selling watermelon’s and buy some land from “Sutter”....[tags: The Piano Lesson Analysis] - The Piano Lesson Do you ever have one of those days when you remember your parents taking away all of your baseball cards or all of your comic books because you got a bad grade in one of your classes?

She believes that the piano is more consequential than “hard cash” Boy Willie wants.

Based on this idea, one might consider that Berniece is more ethical than Boy Willie.

The piano in the play represented the African American history and culture.

The ghost of Sutter represented the pain and trauma that had been endured throughout the generations in the Charles family.

This event is the same as August Wilson’s, The Piano Lesson.

The story is about a sibling rivalry, Boy Willie Charles against Berniece Charles, regarding an antique, family inherited piano.

Once people share the historical significance of it, an object can symbolize the overcoming of hardships of those lives in which it becomes a part.

Therefore, it may indeed “instruct” future generations to glean wisdom from the past.

[tags: The Piano Lesson Plays August Wilson Essays] - Berniece Charles, a protagonist in the play The Piano Lesson, is greatly affected by the history of her piano within her family’s history.

She refuses to let her brother, Boy Willie, sell the piano because she feels their family history should be preserved in it, yet she actively tries to leave her family’s past behind her.


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