Essays On Conflict Resolution In Schools

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Freire rightly saw empowerment as a path to freedom.

In his view, the functionally illiterate should be educated with a pedagogy capable of opening their minds to a broader understanding of the reality in which they live.

The great majority of these youths have committed crimes related to drug trafficking.

In fact, drug trafficking is one big impediment to primary education, since children in school are not available to help the drug trade.

The level of intra-household conflict and even physical violence is high, but remains veiled as women fear the consequences of reporting the abuse or being abandoned.

Additionally, parents who did not get a good education normally do not attribute importance to education for their children.Family problems are a second reason why education is not prioritized.Poor families are unstructured, fathers are frequently absent and sometimes have been replaced by a woman's partner.Interviewee, Maria Livia de Castro empowers teenagers through art through her NGO.She believes that the current official school model is not completely compatible with the idea of opening minds and developing human capabilities.Those with less education usually have less income and also have more difficulty understanding their own predicament.Thus, these people are more vulnerable in both social and economic terms, and often become dependent on the powerful in society for supplying many of their basic needs.Conflict professionals are gaining a greater appreciation for the importance of cultural sensitivity in their methods.Here, the concept of "cultural sensitivity" refers more to the needed awareness of formal educational levels than to other cultural characteristics, though those are also important.For her, basic schooling in Brazil is extremely conservative. She exemplified this assertion with the case of a student who was being expelled from school because he had spray painted the school's walls.In her opinion, the school could have taught him the difference between right and wrong, and tried to channel his artistic gifts to art production.


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