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Although he may not be very accurate in his decoration of objects, this is a clear indication of advancement in cognitive skills development.Conclusion Jean Piaget’s cognitive development theory remains very relevant in early childhood education.During such activities, one is able to connect with a child. J is a four year old African-American boy at Kid Care Child Development Centre.

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This theory helps in the observation of children and consequently enables the teachers, care-givers and parents to learn how to create an environment that supports a child’s own cognitive development through interaction with the environment.

In case my three-sentence explanation didn’t clear it all up for you, here’s an article with more information about writing observation essays: The Observation Essay: How to Make More Brilliant Observations.

Child observation is a critical aspect in understanding child development.

Involving children in activities provides a good ground for observing them.

The child at the preoperational stage develops “preoperational thoughts”. is perhaps very keen on the colors of the car, the tree and the house than their actual shapes.

This makes the child to focus more on the appearance of an object or image. He believes that the car represents their family car.Piaget believed that children posses the cognitive potential and mechanisms to learn on their own through exposure to supportive environments. In this stage, “the child is capable of using materials and objects to represent their understanding of the environment”. This is perhaps why he has drawn a car and even named it. has drawn these pictures without the active participation or involvement of the teacher.According to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, A. The boy has also creatively drawn a tree and painted it green. This is a confirmation of Piaget’s presentation of mental maturation.Most of the kids that are in the preschool class were three years old, but there was one five year old.The kids I helped babysit were two twin three year old girls, and one five year old.Therefore, the learning approaches must put into consideration the stage of an individual child and create and environment where the child can demonstrate his/her understanding and perception of the world.Children can therefore not learn unless they actively interact with their environment. has learnt the shape of a car from his interaction with the environment.The boy in this case has managed to successfully develop a mental representation of what a house is through assimilation. He has painted the house brown, perhaps because he was attempting to come up with the paint of the buildings at Kid Care Child Development Centre. With this concept, he attempted to explain the fact that as children gain psychological and cognitive maturity, there tends to be a belief in them that the entire universe revolves around them. Children are capable of learning through their own constructions. When asked, he actually stresses that the car is “daddy’s car”.The child therefore responds to his environment in his own unique way and does not see the world as someone else may perceive and adapt to it. This is what Berger referred to as “egocentrism” in his writing.The child is also developing self-esteem and autonomy out of his creativity demonstrated in the activities which makes the teacher to praise him.Relating Jean Piaget’s Theory to the Child’s Behavior.


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