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We must needs meddle ambitiously, and cannot quite trust that there is life, self-evolving and indestructible, but which cannot be hastened, at the heart of every physical and metaphysical fact.

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We need to be possessed with a mountainous conviction of the value of our advice to our contemporaries, if we will take such pains to find what that is.

But no, it is the pleasure of the spinning that betrays poor spinners into the loss of so much good time.

Early meetings included Margaret Fuller, who would become an important figure in the Transcendental movement as well.

Emerson's association with Henry David Thoreau also seems to have budded around 1837.

Visit our Transcendentalism Study Guide and American History in Literature for other important historical documents and figures which gave voice to what it means to be American.

"I am here at work now for a fortnight to spin some single cord out of my thousand and one strands of every color and texture that lie ravelled around me in old snarls.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882) was a highly educated American lecturer and essayist, considered a leader in the genre of writing known as Transcendentalism.

Many of his most important ideas were often presented first as lectures, then refined over time and published as essays.

I shall work with the more diligence on this book-to-be of mine, that you inform me again and again that my penny tracts are still extant; nay, that beside friendly men, learned and poetic men read and even review them.

I am like Scholasticus of the Greek Primer, who was ashamed to bring out so small a dead child before such grand people.


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