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Majority of the countries are still languishing in the problems of poverty, illiteracy, diseases, and poor leadership (Heaton & Falola, 2007).

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Apart from the towns, the spread of AIDS was great along major roads that were used by truck drivers transporting goods over long distances.

Migrants like traders, miners and traders contributed to the great spread of AIDS in Africa in the 1980s and the 1990s. Some behaviors like prostitution, some lifestyles, promiscuity and drug abuse started being associated with AIDS.

That is cheap compared with the $38 billion Pepfar is expected to spend on AIDS in that period, he said.

A vaccine would be even better, and several are in development, including one at the Sabin Vaccine Institute, which Dr. But even if one works, “it will be at least five to 10 years before the testing is finished,” he said.

The known history of AIDS in Africa is a short and a rather funny one.

It is believed that the first case of AIDS could have been as early as in 1930.

AIDS is believed to have come from a family of Chimpanzees. Many people did not believe that there was any disease such as AIDS.

With time and as more cases started being reported, it was taken as just a disease. During this period, there were many men in the urban centers in Africa than women.

Once inside, the worms mate, with the female living in a cleft in the male’s body “like a hot dog in a bun,” Dr. Most nest in the urinary tract — bloody urine is the classic symptom — but a portion end up in the vagina, creating “sandy patches” of damaged tissue and calcified eggs. One is Daniel Halperin, an epidemiologist now at the Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Puerto Rico. He argues that tropical West Africa, where schisto is common, has little H. V., while countries with little schisto, like arid Botswana and mountainous Swaziland, have sky-high H. Hotez, the Baylor dean, argues that it is worth it.

He knows how it feels to be doubted: In the 1990s, he was the chief proponent of the theory that circumcision protected men against H. Seventy million African children could be dewormed twice a year for 10 years at a cost of 2 million, he said in an essay titled “Africa’s 32 Cents Solution for H. V./AIDS” (32 cents being the cost of two generic deworming pills twice a year).


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