Essay Structure Advantage Disadvantage

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Tùy theo từng cách tiếp cận và triển khai của từng giáo viên mà cách hướng dẫn viết sẽ khác nhau.

Ở bài này cô sẽ giới thiệu với các em cách viết của thầy Christopher Pell qua trang

Các em lưu ý là không có một cấu trúc viết nào đảm bảo cho các em đạt được band điểm cao mà nó chỉ là nhân tố hỗ trợ cho các em có được bài viết đạt được tiêu chí ‘coherence’ và ‘cohesion’.

Ngoài yếu tố này, bài viết cần phải sử dụng tốt về từ vựng, ngữ pháp, các ý trả lời chính xác vào câu hỏi thì mới có thể đạt được band điểm cao.

This essay will discuss, firstly the limitations of technology in education and secondly, the essential role teachers play in maintaining discipline in the classroom, followed by a reasoned conclusion. can not educate people as effectively as real human beings because computers can not detect things such as context, emotions and how an individual learns.

Technology may be able to help students with some things but it has many limitations. A prime example is language learning, in which teachers need to explain not only individual words but how these words work in different situations.I believe that the advantages of a study-abroad experience outweigh the drawbacks.In this example, the candidate writes a more developed introduction and offers a reference to the pros and cons of studying abroad.The candidate will use appropriate connectors to sequence points in a logical manner, and create paragraphs in a cohesive format.When the structure is right, the use of the language is a little more advanced, and the thought process is thorough, getting a Band 8 or higher for an essay should not be a problem. An example of studying abroad is provided, but it is not clear why this example is given, or what is shows in relation to the topic sentence.Although this paragraph is understandable, the redundancy (use of First of all, a study-abroad trip offers the opportunity to experience education in a new culture.Apart from one preposition error, the use of complex grammar and tense are accurate.The writer uses a linking word of contrast (Whereas) to introduce an adverbial clause appropriately.The employment of connectors is precise; the use of vocabulary is varied and appropriate.To summarize, the essay that achieved the higher score had a cohesive structure, developed the answer with very specific examples, used connectors and maintained clear, complex grammar and use of language.


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