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He reads to you and sits by your bed to watch fall into a peaceful sleep.

This is what I always wanted my father to be, but he never could, he never had the chance.

The sound of his snore you once found a comfort is replaced by your mothers constant whimpering. All I can hear is my mother weeping; I cover my head with my doona and block out that saddening repetitive tune.

After a few weeks of uncomfortable silences between my mother and I she sourly informs me that it's my father's week.

Lord Capulet suddenly changes his character and behaviour towards Juliet.

Lady Capulet stick with the decision made by Lord Capulet and tells Juliet that she got everything she wanted, but never gave anything in return back to her parents.However, it is highly evident that a daughter’s self-esteem, behavior, and relationships are directly impacted by the positive or negative relationship she has with her father. A father has a tremendous impact in the development of his daughter’s self-esteem; how she feels about herself and her general sense of being a person of value. “Shared Activities -- Especially Sports -- Are 'Game Changers' for Father- Daughter Relationships, Baylor Study Finds”. Alexander protected him and saved his life, but Philip refused to even acknowledge this (Cinderella).During the wedding feast celebrating Philip's marriage to his final wife, the bride's uncle sympathy, until she 'dies'.He lowers his eyebrows, his piercing brown eyes burn holes in my skin, and while I look into them I see only a reflection of myself. Not the way you should feel around your own father. I sit uncomfortably in the oversized armchair, my feet hardly touch the ground and I can feel the carpet brushing over my toes. Eliezer, the protagonist in Night, encounters change numerous times.He gazes into my tired eyes, and he asks me why I am acting this way. One of the mainly considerable changes he comes across, while in the concentration camps, is that of his relationship with his father.A recent study from Baylor University shows that some of the best father-daughter bonding experiences come through a father playing sport... When you are a child, a father's love is one of the most precious gifts.My heart sinks and I slowly march to my room to gather my things.Another miserable parent to deal with, another week of bad take away food and meaningless conversation. The look on his face is distasteful as usual; before I look at him I know I've done something wrong. One cannot know what alteration it may bring but it can, without doubt, be expected said Hazel M, an Honor English student (par.1).


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