Essay On Why I Want To Be A Sheriff

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Yes, some were hardening criminals, but many were good people in tough circumstances who needed help.

Call it altruism, but that compelled me to stay so I could offer the referenced help to the extent I could"."Correctional work is about people, not punishment.

As a correctional professional, you have the unique ability to help people, who are in many cases unable to help themselves.

If this concept fits your way of thinking, this career can be very satisfying.

For the 74th Academy, only 10 of 73 cadets (14%) were dismissed or resigned from the training program. On the first day, De Angelis laid down a few of the academy ground rules:“We don’t want to see you in the 7-Eleven store in uniform. Of those, none flunked the physical agility tests and only one cadet was let go for failing a written examination.

Although that is comparable to the San Diego Police Department’s failure rate of 10% to 15%, several sheriff’s training officers criticized modern law-enforcement academies as too easy.“If we ran this academy the way we did 10 years ago, a lot of them would be gone,” Deputy Jack Strumsky said. If you walk around, wear a sweater or a cover jacket. In many cases, cadets had no problem preparing for the exams because their instructors read aloud the test questions and answers during class.Conversely, if you have a desire to participate in preconceived notions that involve forms of institutional oppression, you will not succeed"."At the age of 24, with no money for college and bouncing between seasonal jobs, I decided to seek a career in public service that would not only provide employment stability for me and my pregnant wife, but would also give me with a sense of accomplishment and pride".Sheriff’s trainees are yelled at in the early going and required to obey strict codes of conduct and etiquette. Only 5% of all applicants to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department fail the test, which consists of five timed events.They must address their training officers by using the word “sir” at the start and end of every conversation.“Many of these kids are straight out of school or still living with mommy and daddy,” De Angelis said in an interview. Although every cadet in the 74th Academy passed the physical agility requirements, at least three were in such poor shape that they would pose a danger to their partners on the streets, training officers said. Boehm, executive director of the state training panel, defended the minimum physical agility level.A great opening came and I was ready to capitalize on it"."Corrections affords you the chance to work with people at one of the lowest points in their lives and yet possibly still help them to recognize that they can write a new chapter in their unfinished life"."I was looking for a job with a good salary and benefits to support my family.As time went on, I began to learn more about the field of corrections and the importance of being a public servant. Remember the above because it is half the battle to a successful and safe career".“If you made it through the academy (then), you had a lot more pride.”Back then, law enforcement training programs were patterned loosely after military boot camps. You can’t go into the 7-Eleven to buy a pack of cigarettes or beer.“No sunglasses worn on campus. (Kollar said that while review sessions are encouraged, instructors are “basically prohibited” from providing answers to the test.)As recently as a decade ago, cadets were given surprise exams and kicked out if they scored below 70 percent on any test.Recruits were humiliated, threatened and punished by being forced to do push-ups. Don’t be keeping firearms around to impress your girlfriends. Today, all exams are scheduled on advance notice and cadets must flunk the same exam twice before being dismissed.They squirmed in their chairs and wiped beads of sweat from their anxious faces. If you punish a student with a lot of physical exercise, you’re not going to encourage them to get into physical training once they graduate.”Kollar said the Sheriff’s Academy attempts to strike a balance in using physical exercise to discipline cadets.Cadet George Barrone, 21, said he closed his eyes and prayed, “Lord, no, please! He said that push-ups are an immediate form of punishment that lets everyone know when a cadet has faltered. If we’re force feeding them everything in the academy, it’s hard to make that transition to make those decisions in the field.”Sheriff John Duffy said that, although there is no place for the “total degradation” of cadets, he does not advocate turning police academies into centers of intellectual debate.


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