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In 1912, American suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt visited Manila in the hopes of starting a suffrage movement, but there was not much interest before NFWC activity began in 1921.Filipino suffragists did not challenge cultural constructions of the feminine (as moral guardian, beauty queen, wife, and mother). Legarda was Carnival Queen in 1924 (beauty queen of the annual Manila Carnival, the precursor to the Miss Philippine Beauty Pageant), and was a noted civic worker.The American government promised independence after a period of democratic tutelage, so Filipino men were allowed to participate in local and national politics.

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As attested to by an eminent psychologists, there is no mate and female mind anymore than there is a male and female lung or liver.

Sex is merely a division of gender, not of intellect or capacity. The law of equal freedom necessarily applies to the whole race, female as well as male.

and President of the National Federation of Womens Clubs (NFWC).

NFWC led the campaign for suffrage in the Philippines in 1921.

What I do know is once they are shown the justness and the reasonableness of our demand, they will most naturally side with us, for Euripides has rightly said that woman is womans natural ally.

Even granting that among our women there are more who are opposed to it than those favoring it, it is still to our advantage, for we can then say with Chesterton, To be in the weakest camp is to be in the strongest school.

The citizens of this country are Filipinos and women form one-half of our population.

Our nation is created, not by one sex alone, but jointly by men and women.

As Plato said, Either sex alone is but half itself.

The human race, like the human body, can advance only by the joint motion of its limbs.


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