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This boy did not have an essential experience of English language knowledge and language practicing.Moreover, this boy was positioned as a socially-disadvantaged boy.He was astonished by the large volumes of vocabularies and thousands of words, containing in it.

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Really, language is a great power that, if used accordingly, can change human life.

He was greatly impressed by a numerous quantity of words.

In fact, up to then, I never had been so truly free in my life".

It is incredible, that a severe criminal feels free only because of a power of words he experiences.

Assimilation ultimately helps to change the status of immigrants to the citizens of the country and brings forth the feeling of pride as well as belonging that are essential parts of human relationships. He has a ‘private’ personality that.....the United Nations: The Tension between Intergovernmentalism and Transnationalism. The North-South Institute, Ottawa: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. Part 3 If the number of vehicles failing inspection would increase then this would increase the......

Malcolm X From history, we have learned of famous scientists, smen, poets and even sports personalities.

According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that on the example of Malcolm X' in his "Coming to An Awareness of Language" even the cruelest criminal comes across lingual challenges.

He reflects his reminiscences about his realization of the important role of the language in the life of an individual.

The dictionary scene is a turning point for Malcolm.

It makes him the radical leader he later becomes and turns him into a racist.


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