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I look hella cute in a button-down, off-white blouse, blue jeans, a curly-ish afro, makeup, and a pinkish beige flower in my hair. I'm standing in front of a door.]New York based social justice warrior Denarii (rhymes with “canary”) Monroe is an aspiring screenwriter, freelance writer and editor, a long time activist, and a weirdo.She’s a Rutgers University alum and a two-year Pace University dropout; she studied English and Adolescent Education, respectively.

His research interests include eighteenth and nineteenth-century British literature, the history of medicine, and disability studies.

His academic writing has been published in the and elsewhere, and her performances have been shown at venues including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

[Image Description: The three members of MANDEM pose in an art gallery, in front of a giant painting.

In the center is Moco, a hunchback in a bright blue wheelchair.

He resides in Tucson, AZ and loves his four dogs to the point of getting painful tennis elbows from all the tosses on the enchanting Sonoran trails.

Travis Chi Wing Lau, Ideas Editor Travis Chi Wing Lau is a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania Department of English.Currently, Dolphin-Krute is engaged in a long-term project about the forms of freedom that become possible when continually modulated by physical experiences and material proximities; about how do you live with.More information about this and other projects can be found at She loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as soul food, red wine, cooking and baking, and the blues. She hopes that her activist fight for liberation for all and her screenwriting and filmmaking are the legacies she will leave behind. Illum, Nonfiction Editor Image Description: Photo of a woman with brown hair in a pink floral dress sitting on the outdoor steps of a courtyard in DC.Her back is mostly to the camera, but she has turned her face and body to the right. a DC women's open mic and poetry organization that lasted 15 years.He did extensive journalism writing from 1998 to 2001,including for Gallaudet University’s Buff and Blue and the defunct Silent News.Growing up in Rochester, NY, he experienced a wide range of educational programs, including mainstream oral classes and hearing schools on his own before his one year at MSSD baptized him as a signing Deaf man.Most of her decade-long activist work has been rooted in student activism, with a focus on intersectional LGBTQIA2S (plus) issues, but she has also helped organize in and outside of school around anti-war, women’s, and other issues.Today Denarii's activism mostly focuses on bi (plus) identity and issues, disability, Blackness, and fat acceptance, though she also talks about gender, class, and other issues.Next to her are forearm crutches and sunglasses, which look to be sliding down the stairs. She competed on the National Poetry Slam circuit for 5 years and was the 2013 Beltway Grand Slam Champion. She will be the writer-in-residence at the ARGS Residency (October 2017) and will be staying in their ADA compliant-yet-historic property working on a mixed-genre sequence on body shaming and body acceptance, specifically from the lens of the physically and/or mentally dis/abled body.She has shared the stage with Andrea Gibson, Michelle Tea, Regie Cabico and many other National performers, and has taught a variety of writing workshops with students across the country.


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