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We should mobilise our Indian youth to participate in development of our idol India and carry out activists for the betterment. My dream India is something which every individual in this country yearns for - a corrupt free India. The black money is nothing but the money which is ‘saved’ by not paying the necessary taxes.

To make Indian a peaceful place we should following the 10 commands made by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. When we talk about corruption, we start blaming our politicians for stocking away black money.

National income should be equally distributed among the people.

Our motherland should be a country where every common man gets to fulfil his basic needs.

India should unite by the Shabad Kirtan from Gurudwaras, Azan from Mosques, Bhajans from Temples and chiming of the bells from churches merge and mingle and produce a harmonious, melodious, spiritual tune…loved by all.

Weather they be to become a scientist and discover new and amazing things, or become a star basketball player and be the highest paid player in the league, people dream about their future. I do my best to keep my grades up, because I know that they will help me into college.

Beggary should be abolished; government should be people-friendly and citizens should consider it to be their duty to do something constructive for the nation.

Teachers and doctors should be respected, educational institutions should not be treated as playground for dirty politics and corruption.

After I have a doctorate, I plan to get a job working for a company under their research division.

I hope I can lend a hand in finding new, more effective ways of administering drugs to patents. Hopefully by the time I get a house, I'll have a wife and can start a family.


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