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However, this has improved overtime as I worked more often.

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Being that my first part-time job is a work study position, my experience may not be relatable compared to those who work outside of school.

However, it is worthy to note that the transition process was not easy as I had hoped.

However, with this job, I have further developed the skills that will be needed for any job position.

The experiences of sitting in the examination hall are really full of torture, great tension, mental agony and excitement, even if the examinee happens to be a topper in the class.

I dropped my notes and put on a forced smile on my face just to look cheerful and composed to others. Both of us left home quite early since it was the first day of the ordeal.

On reaching the centre, we saw a huge crowd of boys and girls outside the centre.

That being said, this was a completely different work environment than what I had previously worked in.

Starting work at the lounge was challenging at times because I had to get used to doing the hourly tasks and answering questions individuals had that I was not familiar with.

Entering into the workforce for your first time marks just the beginning into the world of adulthood.

Despite the fact that it is an exciting thing to be able to make your own money and learn to be more self-dependent, it is challenging at first to balance between work and school and still have a social life.


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