Essay On How I Spent My Xmas Holiday

It is a universal holiday during which the whole world seems to forget all strive to enjoy a good time.

Well, your teacher might want you to capture this mood in the form of a Christmas day essay and you have to go to extra lengths to complete the task.

For I its all about family my great friends and the Christmas parties.

Christmas time is fun to enjoy the company of my family.

It all starts on the day of Christmas Eve, I wake up in the morning, and I prepare myself to clean up the house.

This process takes a good two hours to clean the whole house.A great way to give them the opportunity to discuss their adventures is to write about it.Christmas time is the time for giving and sharing but for me its all about fun. I like to stay with my family as much as I can because family comes first.You will have to write something out of the ordinary because all the other students will share similar experiences.To make your essay stand out, you need a strategy for the project.Christmas break is over and now its time to get back into the swing of things.Your students will be very eager to talk about all that they did and received over the holiday break.This is good because I don't have to leave my house to early to just be with my friends.After an hour or so that has passed by at home, my phone is ringing off the hook.All my friends seem to call early on Christmas Day; they are only calling to see if I'm going to ...Christmas is the most popular holidays across the world and during this time, everyone is in a celebratory mood.


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