Essay On Effects Of Television And Computers

Technology also contributes to other health problems among children, particularly poor eye vision.

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A result of too much technology can cause children to have eye strain or dry eyes because “When looking at things up close, blink rate decreases and tears evaporate more quickly” (“3 Ways Technology Affects Your Eyes”).

These side effects can be the beginning of permanent vision impairment.

It is no surprise that “the largest share of [their] time is claimed by the ‘media’ – 3256 hours a year, or about nine hours a day” (Hiebert 69).

The average kid spends almost five hours watching TV and movies, three hours using the Internet and playing video games, and just 38 minutes of old-fashioned reading according to the Kaiser Family Foundation study.

Too much computer use can affect children's physiological and psychological health as well as social skills.

Using the computer is a very sedentary activity; much like watching television, you don't get very much exercise simply sitting down.

The world is now flooded with modern technology, so technology has become a required part of daily lives.

Almost all households have at least one television, one computer, and one cell phone.

Therefore, technology has negatively affected the development of children.

Young generations have grown up with technology because it is everywhere.


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