Essay On Education Of Girls

In every home even today the boys are still pampered and given the best of everything and the girls of the same family are almost completely ignored.

Even in the basic requirement of education, girls are left out because it is felt that, they in any case have only to look after their homes and the needs of their families, so, where are the need to study?

So there is really high importance of educated wife in a family.

We should bring equality in the education system all across the world.

That’s why they need to pay attention to education. In your family, of course, you don’t want an illiterate wife. But why, because the future of your kids depends on that.

If she is educated, there is a high chance for your kids to be educated.

If we look at history, there are lots of female scholars who have done really well for their country.

We have ‘Begum Rokeya’, she has started a revolution in India and Bangladesh which let girls start studying.

In this world, there are still lots of people don’t believe in equality among boys and girls. We need to treat the same and make them perfect for each other.

If we don’t keep the equality, that will hurt them and don’t let them grow properly. We all can make awareness to our area and let people realize the importance of education for their girls.


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