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Parenting styles are strategies that a parent uses to raise a child in the way that they believe is best.

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Some of those effects are anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of social skills and bullying other people.

The negative effects, that these children inherit Styles of Parenting The dictionary definition of parenting is: The rearing of a child or children, especially the care, love, and guidance given by a parent.

She believed that parents usually fall into one of three categories.

The Authoritative, The Authoritarian With over three hundred million Americans and over six billion people worldwide parenting skills are essential to maintain a healthy society.

This type of parenting leads children to perform well socially, have high self esteem and do well in school.

Authoritarian Parenting Style: The Negative Effect On Children Abstract The Authoritarian Parenting Style is one of four parenting styles used to rear children.The type of parenting that a parent chooses has a huge effect on the adult the child will become.Diana Baumrind developed one of the most popular theories of parenting style.As a result, the Chinese may continue adapting the authoritarian parenting style while the Americans may keep on developing their own lenient parenting style.Based on it, we can predict that it is difficult to require the general to change their perceptions and adapt a new parenting style in a short The Four Types of Parenting Styles Parents are a huge part of a child's life.Unlike authoritarian parents they give reasoning for their actions, and set reasonable expectations.Differing from permissive parents they get involved and set boundaries, with out being to strict.These two styles; authoritarian, and permissive both have deleterious results that are often visible throughout different .And until now, this kind of child-rearing style is still kept in America society.Parenting involves many aspects and requires many skills.It is a time to nurture, instruct, and correct to develop fundamental skills children will need to be mature, responsible, and contributing adults to a society.


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