Essay On Catcher In The Rye Depression

The rescuing towards the others instead of him is shown also when he says that his dream job would be to be the catcher in the rye.

His aspiration to save children from falling off a cliff as a symbolism of saving innocence.

However, the macrosystem stays always stable as it is the cultural context in which the story is set: New York, the ideal of the moment…

this is the system in which all the other systems are embedded.

Almost all his pain and depression stems, however, from one specific event that causes him distress to the point that it could almost be considered post- traumatic stress disorder: the death of his younger brother Allie, which still has the strongest influence on his life.

Another key point that leads to post-traumatic stress disorder is when he glimpsed the fact that he was sexually abused when he was younger.

At first, said microsystem is formed by his school peers while at the end it could be predicted that the microsystem is his family, as he returns home.

The only bond that stays stable in the whole story is the one he has got with his sister.

He wants to rescue Phoebe, as well as these children, so that he can rescue the last sparkle of purity, found within children.

This is relevant to the story because it shows how Holden feels that adults are trying to ruin the innocence of children and how he can be the one to save it and them.


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