Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones In English

Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones In English-2
In the current world, mobile phones are really essential for everyone’s life.But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t live a life without a mobile phone.

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For any video explanation, you can use the You Tube.

This is how students can use their mobile phones for various purposes.

But, I am sure this post will make you think about to buy a mobile phone for your children.

Each and every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. Buying a mobile phone for your children is easy, but think twice before you buy them.

If you have any doubt on that lecture or need further explanation, you can call the lecturer or even you can Google it. We are living in this era with perfect technology – Thanks to God.4 – Get to know what happens around the world When we look back to early days, only aged people follow the news around the world.

But nowadays the trend changed and even school students know what is happening around the world.

But now students can right away make a call to a friend or a teacher and clear their doubts as soon as possible.

If you missed one important lecture you can phone a friend and get to know about the whole lecture.

You can clear any doubt you have and get a great explanation with the help of mobile phones.

Through your Smartphone you can open Google, You Tube, and Wikipedia which are three informative giants, helping students in many ways.


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