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The general population is then able to draw personal conclusions on the current events based off the media, which the population believes is factual..The Vietnam War was one of the first wars that the media was able to take photographs and videos of the battlefield and be able to show them to the general public.

That battle would end with South Vietnam surrendering to North Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was one that spanned nearly 20 years and cost a great deal financially and in loss of life. alone lost an estimated 58,200 lives with roughly 1,700 military personal still considered as either a POW or MIA.

By 1967, the number of people against the war effort increased as the number of U. Along with the United States, troops from New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand joined South Korea in its battle against throughout the course of the war.

The war leads to invasions in Cambodia in 1970 and Laos in 1971.

The War that raged between North and South Vietnam was one with minimal participation from the United States. Kennedy regarding the conditions of the war urged the President to increase the U. Across college campuses, the anti-war movement began. The annual cost of the war had reached an astounding $25 billion.

As the war raged on protests continued and only increased in size. Despite the protests against the war, the war raged on.

[tags: Vietnam War, Vietnam, South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh] - Vietnam has a long history of fighting off imperialistic countries and empires, a Vietnamese nationalist named Ho Chi Minh grew tired of Vietnam controlled by other countries and in 1941 he formed a group called the Vietminh and began the fight for Vietnamese independence for the final time.

Finally, in 1945 Ho Chi Minh had gained independence for Vietnam and began his communist rule.

The Vietnam War was one that many people continue to disagree with while many others will never understand the purpose of the war.

- The Vietnam War took action after the First Indochina War, in fact the Vietnam War is also known as the Second Indochina War.


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