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It is education that culturally guides them to extend cordial behaviour and live in co-operation and harmony with others.From our forefathers, we have inherited the spirit of scientific thinking.They seek relief from their taxable income, so as a means to their financial upliftment too, things have taken a dramatic change.

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This is where the concept of ‘institutionalisation’ sets in.

Our society relies on education for their fundamental living, for finding jobs and getting better plans in society.

The term ‘institutionalisation’ refers to the standardisation or making/building a standardised pattern over the years.

People living in a society begin to accept these norms or set patterns as part of their living and think that they have to live by these norms each and everyday of their lives.

The ultra-modern classes that are believed to be taken off the cultural radar and living in a liberal society.

People of the younger generation discard their cultural connection, way ahead to see a path of money making.

NGOs make name and fame by being part of this ‘philanthropy’!

People do not necessarily refer to their culture to be part of philanthropy.

The older and younger generations interacted with each other and perceived, understood and imbibed our cultural values.

When this set-up got slowly replaced by a nuclear family setup, cultural value transfer took a backseat.


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