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A good answer will need to harmonise with all of this evidence, or explain why particular items have been dismissed as having no bearing on the problem.It follows from all of this that — that is, answers which fall outside the field of possible solutions or which fail to take account of received evidence — even though there is no 'absolutely right' answer.

You should consider the merits of a variety of responses.

If possible you should always examine the book or article from which the quotation has been taken in order to discover what its author meant by it, to discover how the author has understood the issues.

The conclusion would then require a summation of the various 'sub-conclusions'.

It needs to be stressed that none of these types of question calls for a narrative approach.

Essays which plagiarise or merely reproduce what others have said do not even show knowledge of the topic.

Plagiarism is thus not merely a matter of theft, it involves an entirely unacceptable subversion of the learning process.This essay will examine five spheres which cast light on the extent of Jewish influence in high medieval France: namely, their role in the commercial life of the towns, the role of Jewish banking in the agrarian economy, their influence on Christian intellectual life, .. 'Quote-and-discuss' questions require you to identify the issue at stake and to produce a reasoned response.You may respond, for example, by agreeing with the quotation in which case you will need to explain why agreement is the best response, why it would be wrong to disagree.That is, to explain why they are the best criteria for judging the historical phenomenon at issue.'What-role-did-X-play-in-Y' questions imply a functionalist approach - that is, they require that you identify the function of some phenomenon, group or institution within some specific system.An undergraduate essay need not be particularly innovative in its approach and insights, but it must be the product of the student's own dialogue with the subject.Essays which do not answer the question can only be regarded as demonstrating some knowledge of the topic, they cannot be said to show understanding of the topic.'Compare-and-contrast' questions demand the identification of similarities and differences.One method of tackling such an essay would be to distinguish five or six areas of similarity and contrast, and to devote a section of the essay to each area - a section in which you would assess the degree of similarity and reach a sub-conclusion.The following outline is intended as to provide one example of how to write an essay.Treat it as food for thought, as providing a set of suggestions some of which you might incorporate into your own method for writing essays.


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