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Language brings us all together therefore, we should use it wisely while we can.

Language brings us all together therefore, we should use it wisely while we can.

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Then, a student brought me down to the rustic basement for my first class, Art. The teacher’s face lit up as she came towards me and introduced herself. ” I lost my words so, I gave my teacher a humble laugh while the sound of the heater and shuffling of papers filled the silence in the room.

My look of embarrassment gave away to everyone how I felt.

I learned “Hiligaynon” at home while Tagalog and English at school. On my first day of seventh grade as a new student, mixed emotions filled myself as I entered the corridors of the school.

However, my confidence in my native language in the U. The numbing winter wind passed through the windows down the hall causing me to tremble more from being frightened and cold.

If you learn how to accept and use your native language, you will value your culture and heritage. They bugged me and pleaded if I could even say one word in my language.

One day, two of my classmates turned around from their seats to ask me if I can speak my language. As they continued, I ignored them until they would stop which they did.

So, I learned how to accept it and I gained confidence in my language.

Each of the languages that I speak helped me flourish in society especially in two different cultures because I can connect with people through the words that came out of my mouth.

Until one day, I pronounced a word in literacy class wrong.

We were reading a story in our literacy books as we gathered in a full circle as a class.


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