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The quintessential feature of a tragic hero, self-doubt, begins to feature in Hamlet when the protagonist is unable to avenge his father's death.After continual contemplation, which further led to procrastination of his one aim, Hamlet seeps into a mental imbalance..which point, the reader begins to side with the hero, in spite of the fact that he had the motive, means, and even the willpower to bring justice to his father.However, this is a brilliant example of a flawed human character in which the external circumstances affect the power of decision-making.

No matter the story or the play, literary analysis leads to multiple questions and highlights the flaws and strengths of the characters.

However, most characters are relatable to actual humans, while the flaws in the protagonist personality stem from the general flaws of humankind.

In this case, Shakespeare focuses on Hamlet’s powerful oedipal complex.

Externally, Shakespeare sketches the outward conflict around the legitimacy of Hamlet’s claim to the crown.

lies in the psychological malcontent of the play’s titular character, Hamlet.

At an internal level, Hamlet seems to be delaying his revenge because he is divided by his mother’s betrayal of his father, which is a constant preoccupation for him.

It was his indecisiveness about whether to stick with his religious beliefs or continue to remain loyal to his father that cost him a major opportunity when it came to avenging the death of his beloved father.

Vengeance and the indecisiveness highlight the weakness in the character of the humans involved in the story.

It is this revelation that brings forth the questing nature of literary essays.

The inherent nature of drama consists of the back and forth — the thrust and repulsion — of conflict.


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