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For Christians, Abraham is a spiritual forebear, “a role model of faith and his obedience to God by offering Isaac is compared with God’s offering of his son Jesus” (Brigstock Part 1).Due to the special nature of creation, they believe there is room for continuing creation as humankind and as individuals.Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believe in God as the maker and origin of everything that exists.

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the presentation of child Jesus in the temple and feast of Passover.

For Islam, Jerusalem, the city of David and Isa, is a holy place to Muslims, like Mecca and Medina, and it is the city of the Prophet Muhammad’s ascension to heaven.

Below are some of the differences that led to their separation.

Firstly, the three have been proselytizing religions.

There are significant ways in which these three religions differ from each other.

Considering that the three religions are monotheistic faiths, share a common ancestor, many beliefs, and practice, they are supposed to coexist in mutual unity; however, they seem to foster hostility among themselves.

Currently, there are many followers of Abrahamic religions all over the world.

There are significant areas of continuity among the three Abrahamic religions, one being that they believe in only one God.

The Christians believe that the one God is a trinity that at times brings confusion but this is not an expression of polytheism but rather a way of expressing the Divine Being (Anon Para 4).

Jews and Christians emphasize very much on the oneness and unity of God; they share the scripture of the Old Testament (Hebrew bible) in addition to others based on their doctrines.


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