Essay Arranged Love Marriages

In spite of this, people should be ready to face some disadvantages of arranged marriage as well as love marriage.

The main disadvantage of arranged marriage is that parents and relatives sometimes can make mistakes; they are not always able to do the right choice.

The advantages of the arranged marriage are that the family pays for the whole wedding and other necessary costs.

Another benefit of the arranged marriage is that the family will get along with the person they chose because it is their choice.

Some of the advantages of the love marriage are that the person already knows who he/she is getting married to and why he/she wants to marry this specific person.

Also, there will be fidelity between them because they choose each other, and they are in this together.

The views on the matter are subdivided into traditional and modern. It consists of introduction, argumentative part, counter argumentative part, recommendations and conclusions.

Each of the part consists of arguments and comments along with observations and reviews.

If the parents and relatives pay the whole wedding costs and other expenses, it is much easier for young couples.

It comes out from the dependence on the family in the young age.


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