Essay About Shopping Addiction

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The physical evidence of a shopping addiction may include a declining financial situation.

The short-term effects of a shopping addiction may feel positive.

It can also occur when a person feels depressed, angry, and/or lonely.

Shopping will not make someone love you more, help your self-esteem or the problems that might occur in daily living.

If family members start to complain of the purchases, they will often hide the things they buy.

Compulsive shoppers often are in denial about their problem.In some cases, shopaholics may try to hide their addiction by lying about just one element of it.For instance, a person may admit they went shopping, but they may lie about how much they spent.Because they cannot pay their bills their credit rating suffers, and they may have collecting agencies coming to get what is owed to them.This will lead to many social and relationship problems.Some of the other emotional symptoms you may notice from a shopaholic include the following: Although most addictions have physical symptoms related to them, shopping addictions may not.In most cases, the symptoms you experience due to your shopping addiction will be emotional in nature.Compulsive shopping usually makes these feelings worse because of the increased debt the person has gained due to shopping.Compulsive buyers usually start shopping when they are feeling down and looking for a “pick me up.” They go out and buy, to get a high, or get a “rush” just like a drug or alcohol addict.Compulsive shopping is similar to other addictive behaviors and has some characteristics of alcoholism, gambling, and overeating addictions.Compulsive shopping can come about yearly, during the holiday season, to help soothe depression, anxieties and loneliness they might feel during that time.


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