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Climate change, periodic modification of Earth’s climate brought about as a result of changes in the atmosphere as well as interactions between the atmosphere and various other geologic, chemical, biological, and geographic factors within the Earth system.Human action has triggered a vast cascade of environmental problems that now threaten the continued ability of both natural and human systems to flourish.

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A more specific definition would state that climate is the mean state and variability of these features over some extended time period.Studies of Earth system history also specify the full array of states the system has experienced in the past and those the system is capable of experiencing in the future.Undoubtedly, people have always been aware of climatic variation at the relatively short timescales of seasons, years, and decades.Finally, a detailed description is given of climate change over many different timescales, ranging from a typical human life span to all of geologic time.For a detailed description of the development of Earth’s atmosphere, The atmosphere is influenced by and linked to other features of Earth, including oceans, ice masses (glaciers and sea ice), land surfaces, and vegetation.The pursuit of this understanding has led to development of Earth system history, an interdisciplinary science that includes not only the contributions of Earth system scientists but also paleontologists (who study the life of past geologic periods), paleoclimatologists (who study past climates), paleoecologists (who study past environments and ecosystems), paleoceanographers (who study the history of the oceans), and other scientists concerned with Earth history.Because different components of the Earth system change at different rates and are relevant at different timescales, Earth system history is a diverse and complex science.Students of Earth system history are not just concerned with documenting what has happened; they also view the past as a series of experiments in which solar radiation, ocean currents, continental configurations, atmospheric chemistry, and other important features have varied.These experiments provide opportunities to learn the relative influences of and interactions between various components of the Earth system.Croll’s controversial idea was taken up by Serbian mathematician and astronomer Milutin Milankovitch in the early 20th century.Milankovitch proposed that the mechanism that brought about periods of glaciation was driven by cyclic changes in eccentricity as well as two other orbital parameters: precession (a change in the directional focus of Earth’s axis of rotation) and axial tilt (a change in the inclination of Earth’s axis with respect to the plane of its orbit around the Sun).


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