Environmental Consulting Business Plan

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Start by investigating industry trends and standards before joining the ranks of those operating a successful eco-friendly business. Provide details related to the services you will provide, including consultations related to home and business environments.Develop a business name and decide how you want to operate your business.

Since 2007, the environmental consulting industry has seen revenue growth of about 39 percent, with industrywide revenue expected to exceed $20 billion this year, according to IBISWorld, a Santa Monica–based market research firm.

What’s more, by 2017, the industry is likely to increase revenue by another 45 percent.

Options include a sole proprietorship and general partnership, among others.

Register your eco-consulting business with your state’s secretary of state office.

Nicole Long is a freelance writer based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

With experience in management and customer service, business is a primary focus of her writing.But according to Justin Molavi, a senior analyst at IBISWorld, what’s likely to keep the environmental consulting industry thriving in the future are "increasingly stringent environmental laws forcing companies to comply with certain codes." Among the most recent of those codes is the Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants, which the EPA introduced in March.It’s the first regulation aimed specifically at new power plants, requiring them to reduce their carbon output by nearly half.Long also has education and experience in the fields of sports medicine, first aid and coaching.She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Cincinnati.Working with an expert consulting firm can help you to manage and minimise environmental and workplace hazards related to indoor air quality, exposure to hazardous substances such as asbestos, silica, formaldehyde, paint vapors and welding fumes.Businesses of all types and sizes have environmental issues to consider.The proposal states that while new plants can continue to burn fossil fuels, including coal, they may only do it "with the help of technologies that reduce carbon emissions." That's good news particularly for air quality and compliance consultants who, no doubt, will be the ones creating and implementing those technologies.Government contracts can be a major source of business for environmental consultants, but winning those contracts is the tough part.We all rely on having a healthy planet, and as climate issues become more prominent in our lives, addressing them is more important than ever.There’s also a strong business case for sustainability initiatives.


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