Elephants And Marshmallows Essay

hydrogen peroxide is first mixed with liquid soap or dishwashing detergent.Then, a catalyst, often around 10 ml potassium iodide solution or catalase from baker's yeast, is added to make the hydrogen peroxide decompose very quickly.

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They are intensely social, with bands of females staying together for life and assisting one another in giving birth and raising their young.

They communicate vocally — including with sounds inaudible to humans — and seismically through the ground. The phrase “an elephant never forgets” is such a cliché that we neglect its foundation in the creature’s truly astonishing memory. In Asia, when collared by bells, they can plug the bells with mud to stealthily steal bananas.

If you are looking for a hydrogen peroxide chemistry experiment, Elephant Toothpaste is really fun, and also really popular! The basic idea is this: first mix concentrated hydrogen peroxide with some liquid soap.

I picked out just a few of the videos for you, there are many.

We are not alone.” Although on the current trajectory, we will be soon enough.

What unique skills do women hold for the future of our species and the ecosystems we have come to dominate?All of this is nothing, of course, compared with the savagery of the poachers.In an eloquent jeremiad in The Atlantic, Matthew Scully flays the vast, far-flung industry devoted to ivory that begins with fear and death.Only 500,000 or a little more still roam the Earth, and poachers slaughter tens of thousands a year.Elephants aren’t just gentle giants, but complex and intelligent ones.As a small amount of hydrogen peroxide generates a large volume of oxygen, the oxygen quickly pushes out of the container.In normal conditions, this reaction takes place very slowly, therefore a catalyst is added to speed up the reaction, which will result in rapid formation of foam.The oxygen gushing out is what makes the soap bubbles move.Often some food coloring is added before the catalyst, which makes the resulting column of foam that gushes out look even more like toothpaste.The iodide ion from potassium iodide acts as a catalyst and speeds up the reaction while remaining chemically unchanged in the reaction process.The rate of foam formation measured in volume per time unit has a positive correlation with the peroxide concentration (v/V%), which means that the more reactants (peroxide concentration) the faster the rate of foam formation.


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