Dissertation Proposal On Terrorism And Islam

Dissertation Proposal On Terrorism And Islam-9
Any individual or research group wishing to tackle one or another of these topics, is encouraged to register that with the research data bank of the Center for Terrorism and Counterterrorism of Leiden University’s The Hague Campus where an online inventory of ongoing and completed research is maintained. Terrorist audiences and their responses: cross-national and longitudinal comparisons of public opinion surveys regarding support of, and opposition to. Measuring and evaluating counter-terrorism policies: methodologies and techniques; 3.Unwanted and unexpected side- and boomerang (blowback) effects of counter-terrorism: ways to recognize and minimize them; 4.

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Failed, foiled and completed attacks by Al-Qaeda, AQ affiliates and individual (would-be) associates: a consolidated overview; 44.

New legislation on terrorism: inventory, comparison and impact; 45.

Afghanistan: endgame scenarios and their regional and global implications; 48.

The Arab Awakening and its possible implications for terrorism and international counter-terrorism cooperation; 49.

Analyzing terrorist statements and internal writings: looking for cues regarding the expectedutility of terrorism in terrorist thinking; 33.

Measuring the actual effectiveness of terrorism: findings from empirical research on the tactical and strategic outcomes of uses of terrorism; 34 State human rights violations in response to terrorism – how widespread, how serious? Kidnapping for ransom: the consequences of paying ransom and of refusals to pay. The messaging policies of Al-Qaeda, its affiliates and media jihadists: analyzing communiques and threat statements systematically; 37.

CBRN threats, radicalization, suicide terrorism, jihadist terrorism) other (sub-) topics are un- or under-researched.

In order to stimulate research, TRI presents this list of 50 un- and under-researched topics.

The delayed impact of the 2008 economic crisis on terrorism, political violence, armed conflict and non-violent protests; 25. the rehabilitation of common criminals in prison: recidivism records compared; 26.

Prisons: new ways of preventing and countering radicalization of prisoners and advancing rehabilitation of convicted offenders; 27.


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