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In these cases you will need to obtain alternate material.

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If the rightsholder requires that the credit line be in a specific format, this must be followed exactly, e.g.: Photographs or illustrations of fine art objects (sculptures, paintings, etc.) are frequently subject to copyright, and permission may need to be obtained from the holder of the reproduction rights in the photograph (usually the photographer, the publisher, or the museum that owns the object).

Permission may need to be obtained from both the rightsholder of the art object itself (if still protected by copyright) as well as the photographer of the art object.

Obtaining permission to re-use content published by Elsevier is simple.

Follow the guide below for a quick and easy route to permission.

STM also maintains a list of STM publisher imprints you can use to help determine who the publisher of a particular imprint is.

To try to locate an author's contact details, you can also contact organizations such as The Society of Authors, WATCH, the Authors' Registry, and the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society who may be able to provide assistance; search the Copyright Clearance Center's Rights Licensing Database; or visit the Permissions Helpdesk.

For further instructions on how to complete the permission request form, please refer to this example.

Rightslink is the Copyright Clearance Center's automated permission-granting service, which is used by Elsevier along with many other STM publishers such as Wiley-Blackwell, Taylor & Francis, and Wolters Kluwer.

Elsevier imprints include: Permission to reproduce material from another publisher in an Elsevier product can typically be obtained via Rightslink’s automated permission-granting service, which can be located on the individual journal article or book chapter page on the publisher’s website.

Where Rightslink or other Copyright Clearance Center services are not available, we provide a permission request form for Elsevier authors to use.


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