Descriptive Essay On Earthquakes

Mark Twain and Jack London’s San Francisco Earthquakes Earthquakes are devastating tremors that cause serious damage.

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Earthquakes are shock waves that are transmitted from an epicenter, which can extend from the surface to 700 km beneath the Earth’s crust.

The book ends with a massive earthquake, in which the entire state of California breaks off from North America and crumbles into the Pacific, "Los Angeles toboggan[ing] with almost one continuous movement into the water, the shore cities going first, followed by the inland communities; the business streets, the buildings, the motion picture studios in Hollywood where actors became stark and pallid under their mustard-colored makeup." 3) "The Folklore of Earthquakes" by Carey Mc Williams. The time between events is long only with respect to a human lifetime." 8) "Five Fires: Race, Catastrophe, and the Shaping of California" by David Wyatt.

Written in response to the 1933 Long Beach earthquake, Mc Williams'essay is a clear-eyed guide to both what we might call earthquake myths and the powerful terror the shaking provokes. In this 1999 book, Wyatt makes a case for fire as the central social shapingmechanism in California history, tracingfive events in particular, including the Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

In one particularly memorable set piece, Bandini survives the Long Beach earthquake, which he interprets as divine retribution for his sins. This 2000 collection of stories was written in reaction to the Kobe earthquake, which killed more than 6,000 people on Jan. Although in many of the pieces here the disaster plays only a peripheral part, it reverberates throughout the book like an aftershock.

"Five straight days she spent in front of the television," Murakami writes in "UFO in Kushiro," "staring at crumbled banks and hospitals, whole blocks of stores in flames, severed rail lines and expressways. Sunk deep in the cushions of the sofa, her mouth clamped shut, she wouldn’t answer when Komura spoke to her. Komuracould not be sure the sound of his voice was even getting through to her." -- David L.


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