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I love words, so I thought we could start a list and then we could just choose from them : P .. ambitious attentive observant extroverted fun creative brooding empathetic leader also, perhaps making a list will give us an idea of what the "cliche" adjectives are / words to avoid (I know that 'hardworking' is one of them... and i can describe to my self is that base what i heard from other people about who i am ..

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Key points you're talking about in your personal essay should support your thesis statement.

It's crucial to make connections between them in order to make a logical, structured and comprehensive essay.

It's a point in which you describe yourself to the reader including the main ideas you're going to talk about.

Your thesis should be worded as "because of X, Y and Z, I was trying to do my best to receive this/ or to become that." X, Y, and Z are your main ideas in the personal essay.

If you cite published literature (no plagiarising!! Start your essay by thinking carefully about the prompt.

Describing Self Essay

Think of examples where you have displayed leadership, perseverance, and creativity.

From my previous job my manager said that i am a fast learner. And just want to know you that i don't like people telling me what i must do because as long as i know what I'm doing then that's it .. to describe myself who really i am , honestly i am a caring and loving person, understanding . that's all and if you want to know me better , then be my friend. the most important thing is when you are writing an essay about your just think the you are introducing your self to your self first introduce your name,your age,your graduation your hobby ....................

especially your own secrets I'm not sure if the point is to practice and show your essay-writing abilty, or to show your understanding of the industry!

Personal stories are popular ways to begin an essay.

These can set the right tone for your essay and also show you to be a unique individual. From your question the blood sample was taken 2 years ago, thus the drugs would still be in that sample of blood.


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