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As I began to question the gate agent more, she decided to call for another Delta representative, one wearing the red jacket I had been on the hunt for! As I go back and forth with Sylvia it becomes clear that the little pop up warning box provided when purchasing this ticket is not quite accurate. So the advertisement on the website about ‘don’t mind where you sit?

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If any pop up box comes up while booking informing you of the inability to upgrade, take note and search for another fare.

I can only imagine how this would have played out had I been traveling with my son on this fare.

I remember when booking the flight, a pop up box appeared stating that I would not be eligible for complimentary upgrade seats or able to purchase upgrades for this flight. The gate agent found herself in a sticky situation when I began repeating back some of the things she was saying to me like ‘‘. So does this mean if the flight is overbooked I’m the first to be bumped? I’m not living in a closet, I’ve seen all these horrible stories about how airlines are bumping people these days.

So you can imagine the panic that swept through me, sending my heart rate a flutter. I am on a tight schedule with a kid waiting at home.

Arriving to the airport almost 2 hours early it was not surprising when I couldn’t find a Delta representative.

I went ahead through security straight to the gate to sort out my seats.Still no one wearing the red jacket I was told to look out for.Instead, I began a conversation with the gate agent who started to clue me into the secret realities of the basic economy fare that I had unknowingly purchased. Nowhere on that pop up did it tell me that purchasing this fare would mean I would be treated like a second class citizen.This hidden policy is why I will never choose a Delta Basic Economy Fare again.I might even think twice before booking Delta at all.I’m not sure if it helped or hurt, but it was the medium in which my negative experience began. Was my entire trip going to be fraught with anxiety over getting bumped from my flights?For once I was right on time to check in, even though I was at my son’s weekly ‘All School Meeting’. I immediately got on the phone even with the chaos surrounding me to Delta’s customer service.Delta on the other hand is being deceptive about what booking a Basic Economy Fare means, which is the first step in creating fights with customers.On my flight, 6 aisle/window seats remained open with tons of passengers squashed in their middle seats never even given an option to get an aisle or window – even at the gate!It’s been at least a year since I’ve flown on my own.As a family traveler I am almost always with my little one in tow.


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