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During childhood, Edison got scarlet fever which made him partly deaf.At the age of fifteen, Thomas bought a second hand printing press, and after saving the stationmaster’s son from almost getting hit from a boxcar, he got lessons to operate a telegraph and for the next five years he traveled thousands of miles as a telegrapher. ...e (1895), Edward Longstreth Medal (1899), John Fritz Medal (1908), Franklin Medal (1915), Distinguished Service Medal (1920), Congressional Gold Medal (1928), Grammy Trustees Award (1977), Technical Grammy Award (2010).It was all going really well until I started writing an essay for a public policy course I’m taking.

During childhood, Edison got scarlet fever which made him partly deaf.

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What she found surprised and frustrated her, and gave her the motivation to keep speaking out about the millions of people who still do not have access to energy.Thomas Edison is one of the most powerful human beings who ever lived.Without his creation of the light bulb, the world would possibly not be where it is today.I was lucky enough to have a friend accompany me, but not all sub-Saharan women are so fortunate.I was afraid, hyper-cautious and annoyed that I couldn’t be with my own thoughts on what could have potentially been a great run. Finally it was time for bed and still there was no power. Do you ever wonder how many times you use a light bulb?My plan was to go without electricity for 24 hours to better empathize with the 7 in 10 people in sub-Saharan Africa experiencing energy poverty every day.Giving up 24 hours of electricity didn’t seem like a big sacrifice, considering that 90 million sub-Saharan African children live without reliable electricity each day. It dawned on me the morning of this challenge, however, that I wouldn’t be able to eat yogurt because preserving it required refrigeration.Without electricity, I was unproductive and powerless.The point is, I’m just one person who didn’t fulfill her potential in a single, 24-hour period.


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