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Employers value workers who know how to think critically.

Though there are guidelines and principles for accountants to follow, like the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), accountants must use their critical thinking skills to interpret reported numbers and financial statements, identify trends, and exercise good judgment to solve problems.Here are some critical thinking examples in different job positions.As team leaders, managers are role models for their direct reports.A business analyst’s job is to evaluate data and make informed decisions regarding a company’s performance.Careful critical thinking can uncover innovative solutions to address issues that come up and to boost business growth in the future.Critical thinking examples exist in every part of the workplace, from the corporate executive offices to the sales floor.Whether you’re the boss or an intern, knowing how to think critically gives you the power to make positive contributions to the company.For instance, if a disgruntled customer storms into a store to complain about a faulty product, a critically thinking customer service associate can get to the root of the problem and suggest possible solutions to the client, who can then choose the best option and leave on a positive note. Mendes is a writer and professional reader providing author support, content creation, and curriculum design services.She writes for a range of industries, including education, employment, law, technology, medicine, sales, and corporate interior design. How managers analyze problems influences how their team members will handle issues going forward.Managers that use critical thinking processes foster teams that are intentional about assessing problems and devising solutions.


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