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The issue of intention is at the heart of criminal liability, because knowledge of a crime and intention can vary.In the case of the mentally ill the knowledge of undertaking the act may not equate to intention.Disclaimer: This work was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies.

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We have provided these topics to help you create your own great law dissertation topics.This topic will explore the provisions surrounding issues such as the “right to silence” and the rights of the spouse in regards to giving evidence. This examination will be a comparative review of US and English law, which are distinctly different; whereby the rationale of the US system is based on protecting Constitutional Rights. However, as of today there has not been any movement to implementing the reforms.Thus, this examination will identify if the three tier approach to homicide should be implemented into English law.This is a controversial approach, because the traditional model is that a person should only be criminally liable for a positive act.Thus, this topic will explore the English and other common law jurisdictions to determine the viability of applications.However, as the case of R v A [2001] UKHL 25 identified the relationship between the victim and offender is relevant, because it may lend to consent.The problem is that the law is putting the victim on trial, which indicates an imbalance in the system.Thus, this examination will undertake a comparative review of the bad character provisions of ss. 98 to 113 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (CJA 2003) to determine if these provisions can amount to a breach of due process.


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