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Throughout Creon's speeches, there is also a strong tone of misogyny: ''So we must stand on the side of what is orderly, we cannot give victory to a woman.'' When his own son whom he proclaims to love comes to Antigone's defense, Creon lashes back: ''Your nature is vile, in yielding to a woman.'' In a way, Antigone yields to Creon's authority by willingly dying for her cause, despite Creon's irrational stance.

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Creon and Antigone are similar because they draw power from their definitions of "justice." The difference between them is their beliefs on the origins of just action.

Both Creon and Antigone feel that their power comes from their understandings of justice.

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Antigone is motivated by a strong moral conviction that her brother must be honored in death, and in doing so, she must ''please those that are dead,'' as her time among the dead will be much longer than her time among the living.

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Antigone, however, is also plagued by a hamartia, or tragic flaw. She is besieged by pride, and does not listen to reason, despite her sister Ismene's pleas for reason and Creon's willingness to pardon her.

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A protagonist, or hero, is held in high esteem; his or her actions and words portray a person of high moral standard.

The antagonist, or villain, is portrayed in the opposite manner, usually motivated by immoral impulses such as greed, jealousy, or arrogance.


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