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It asks you to complete three pages of automatic writing every day.It’s framed as a program of recovery and is inspired, in some ways, by 12-step programs like AA.

It asks you to complete three pages of automatic writing every day.It’s framed as a program of recovery and is inspired, in some ways, by 12-step programs like AA.

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Over the years, I’ve reflected that a considerable number of the people producing and making use of these pragmatic guides to lifelong creative practice are women.

In my view, this has been reason enough for some people to regard them with disdain.

With the help of Klauser, I stopped worrying and started working.

I separated writing and revision into two different stages with their own discrete aims.

I’ve changed a lot since high school, though not in my love of self-help and creativity workbooks.

My self has needed a lot of help over the last 20 years; I’ve turned to books like these again and again to refresh my process, expand my repertoire of tools, and to keep a sense of openness and possibility alive.The awe and the fear and the myth-making protect us: greeted by news of our own potential, we really are asked to reconsider the meaning of our lives and to wonder if we’ve done them justice.The summer before starting the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, I bought a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.This was a simple tool—Writers Hate Her for This One Weird Trick—that made it possible to begin at any moment.I would set a timer for ten minutes and just pour out as much as possible during that time. By my own measure, I proceeded to have a prolific year, a transformative period of apprenticeship. And no wonder, since it’s been humping along with its heavy cargo of received ideas for centuries: demonic/godly inspiration; radical, immoral individualism; wild and monumental and mostly male genius.(OS 2016) to bring free writing workshops and collaborative readings to prisons, jails and reentry programs in every town she gave a public reading.Every space Caits visited with will receive a physical classroom set of the book for absolutely free. That seemed a lot more exciting to me than whatever I was doing at school, which I rejected in the way only an authority-hating teenager can: I craved rules, regulations, and programs but resented any actual flesh-and-blood person trying to impose them on me.I longed to cultivate my potential in private, away from the judgments of the adult world—a world, it goes without saying, that could not be trusted. Whether carrying out da Vincian exercises meant to strengthen “the essential elements of genius, from curiosità, the insatiably curious approach to life, to connessione, the appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things” or developing an abundance mentality as recommended by The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it all felt very active, like I was doing something for myself, thinking about what mattered in life.I would read every chapter in The Habit of Wildness. On some level, Gracie, like many of the writers I’ve been discussing, wants to help people live more fully and meaningfully, develop more expansive inner lives.She is crafting tools, not toys, even when she blurs that categorical line with her ingenuity and vision.


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