Creative Writing Story Starters For Kids

From there, the youngster would continue writing, using that image as their inspiration. Journalist, a scream, ally cat Ask your child to pick one of the following sentences and write it down.

Story starters are sometimes used in schools by teachers when they are encouraging primary aged children to start writing their first stories. Once they get to the end of that sentence they are on their own to keep going.

A story starter is any kind of prompt that helps a child (or adult! This can come in many different forms but essentially it directs the child towards a certain theme or gives them a beginning situation that they can build a story around.

Some story starters may just be a selection of words, for example, princess, trap door and forest.

I would be transported to space, the desert, or a fancy castle. Any of these are perfect for getting students to think outside the box.

It was a chance to show my creative side in a “quiet” manner. Use pictures or text to convey the prompt to your kids. Older students can free write full pages of words, while elementary children can begin by drawing pictures to convey their ideas. Would you like premade templates for the Star Student Story Packet?Single word story starters can work for any age child but the words should be adapted for their age and ability with simpler more positive words being used for younger children and more complicated words for older children. Young children: These single word story starter examples would be best aimed at children in primary school. Try testing some of these ideas out with your kids, either having fun and pitching in as a whole family or more focused individual stories. Give your child these words and ask them to think of a scene that involves those three aspects, carrying on from that moment. Treasure map, mermaid, island Pre-teens: These single word story starter examples are a little more sophisticated, but still touch on fairly light-hearted themes and would be best for children in school years seven to nine. They are also often used in children’s writing competitions and can be altered to work for younger children or teenagers. You can ask them prompting questions such as the above but the idea is to visualise the scene in their head so that they can continue it. ‘One last time’ she whispered to herself as she walked through the gates to her old school… As she looked up in disbelief she watched as the moon appeared to be falling from the sky… It was the summer of 1956 when I first realised I could breathe underwater… The date that he was supposed to die had been tattooed on his right arm for as long as he could remember and that date was yesterday… He looked at her peacefully sleeping face and bent down to kiss her, knowing he would never see her again… If you want to have fun writing stories with your children or you want to encourage them to develop their writing skills outside of the classroom, why not use story starters yourself? Theatre, a secret, photographer Adolescent These single word story starter examples should push your child’s English skills and open up the conversation for more poignant topics, giving them the chance to go deeper with their story. Young children: These sentences can be used for any age but are probably best aimed at children in primary school. The young girl could hear piano music coming from her parents’ bedroom… The fluffy duck jumped through the puddle when he noticed his favourite snack sitting on the pavement next to him… The astronaut looked out of the window of his spaceship to see the moon had changed colour… The dog sniffed his owner’s hand and then said to him, ‘Hello, my name is actually Rufus, not Buddy’… The two best friends walked across the playground when they heard a loud, crashing noise… Adolescent These sentences contain more complicated words and have less context which will make your child work harder to imagine a scenario that could be happening. This allows students the flexibility to work on the homework when there is time in their extra curricular activities, employments schedules, and around family commitments. Some fun options for those older students that you could type up on a sheet of paper and pass out: 30 Good Ideas for Short Stories for Middle Schoolers: Some ideas include sleepovers, field trips, and dream cars. Writing Prompts: This site has an entire list of first or last sentences for the writing.Could be fun to see how students interpret those scenarios.Being a very, very shy child, shining bright amongst my peers was uncomfortable and embarrassing. Packet includes 24 pages, 10 customizable covers for your to personalize, and is perfect for grades 2 and up! Having printed out writing starters for middle or high school students is a great homework assignment.But, I could show my creativity within my journal prompts. You can assign one prompt per week that is due by the end of the week.


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